Getting there…

We are just too busy!!!

I know websites are important, but the thing is, word of mouth is working so fast and well for us, that we just don’t seem to be able to find the time to work on website stuff!!

Bloggety blog blog blog etc, but really, we are super busy, and so haven’t been able to find the time to pad out the site.  You could of course see that in a negative light, but I’m hoping that the way you will view it is, that we are someone you want to work with.  We don’t really have to sell anything – because it is all just selling itself.

It’s like watching an advert on television saying “Buy *$$%* soap”… and then a blank screen!!

So with that in mind, all I will say is “Contact mb-photography for photos”…!!

Here it is…

Landscape photography or people photography, or portraiture… whatever you fancy photographing – as long as you are aware of a few simple rules, you should be able to get yourself a nice looking picture.

Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are the three things that work in conjunction with each other to allow you to produce photos which say different things, according to what you are after.  If you are after a hazy grainy picture – whack the ISO right up there.  On most modern full-frame cameras, the ISO doesn’t compromise the integrity, or graininess of the picture, so you really need to get the ISO up to a good level (16,000+) in order to get that 1960’s lounge bar look.  If you want to highlight something in particular in the picture, why not go for a narrow depth of field, achieved with a nice open aperture, f2.8 or something, if your camera can manage it.  This will give you a good blurry quality to the front and rear of your actual subject.  This gives you a very nice marketing shot, if you know what i mean.  And keep an eye on that shutter speed too, anything less than 1/30 second , will result in camera shake – so make sure you use a tripod for those shots.

Those are todays tips – get to work then!!

Update to

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are in the middle of updating the website. We plan to have a shiny, bells and whistles site up within the next few days. Please check back with us then!